150MT (.0015") Kapton® Film x 14.5" wide
Our Price: $4.00

DuPont™ Kapton® MT polyimide film is a homogeneous film possessing 3x the thermal conductivity and cut-through strength of standard Kapton® HN. Its thermal conductivity properties make it ideal for use in dissipating and managing heat in electronic assemblies, such as printed circuit boards.

Kapton Films 500FPC
500FPC (.005") Kapton® Film x 25" wide
Our Price: $15.90

DuPont™ Kapton® FPC polyimide film is treated on both sides and has the same excellent balance of physical, chemical and electrical properties over a wide temperature range offered by general purpose Kapton® HN. Kapton® FPC offers superior dimensional stability and adhesion, and is specifically designed for flex circuit manufacturers.

In applications where superior adhesion and low shrinkage are important, Kapton® FPC is the polyimide film of choice.